About us


Committed to our clients.


As your trusted advisor, we work close by your side and in your interest to plan the right steps for you. In the country with the most comprehensive tax and business legislation and beyond its borders, we support you in making profitable decisions. With us, you are always one step ahead. We offer you the following advantages and benefits:

  • Personal consultancy that takes into account your individual life circumstances and adapts to them.
  • Working in partnership, we’re playing on the same team with you and support the achievement of your goals.
  • With proactive, forward-looking and dependable service, we support our clients successfully for the long-term with future-smart strategic planning. We don’t spend our time chasing flies and putting out fires. With us at your side, it doesn’t ever get precarious.
  • Strong cooperation partners: because of our partnerships with renowned law firms specializing in legal advice and audits, we offer you comprehensive service from a single source.
  • On site with you: from our three locations in Butzbach, Wehrheim and Frankfurt, we offer you immediate presence and service throughout the entire Rhine-Main area.


Langbein & Hofer Tax Consultants GmbH
Fürstenbergerstraße 168F, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY
Phone: +49 69 7434984-0 / Fax: +49 69 7434984-20

Langbein & Hofer Tax Consultants

As tax consultants, we are the confidant at your side who ensures that the security and reliability of your finances are guaranteed. As a law firm with offices in central Hesse and the Rhine-Main area, we focus mainly on smaller and mid-sized businesses and private clients. We are able to advise our clients in German, English and Russian.

Further Offices of the Langbein & Hofer Group

Cooperation with
Langbein & Hofer Tax Consultants mbH

Weiseler Straße 41, 35510 Butzbach, GERMANY
Telefon: +49 6033 980390, Telefax: +49 6033 980 3922

Langbein & Hofer Tax Consultants mbH
Wehrheim Branch

Pfingstbornstrasse 7, 61273 Wehrheim, GERMANY
Phone: +49 6081 9859482, Fax: +49 6081 985947

Langbein & Hofer Tax Consultants mbH
Linden Branch

Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 15, 35440 Linden, Germany
Telefon: +49 6033 980390, Telefax: +49 6033 980 3922



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